Valentine's Day

Alla hjärtans dag

A plate of heart-shaped kärleksmums for Valentine's Day

Alla hjärtans dag (literally All Hearts' Day, but usually translated as Valentine's Day) wasn't adopted by Sweden until the 1960s, but the choice of alla hjärtans dag was a good move.

It was really introduced by flower sellers who wanted to increase their sales when they realised that they were missing out because Swedes were not celebrating Valentine's Day. They are a canny group and they quickly decided that they would be able sell more flowers if they encouraged people to think of everyone close to their heart on February 14th, and not just lovers, hence the name alla hjärtan's dag.

Love Treats for alla hjärtans dag

Kärleksmums, shown at the top of the page, make excellent gifts for alla hjärtans dag. They are normally cut into squares but for alla hjärtans dag they can be cut into heart shapes. (You can use the leftovers for making chocolate truffles.)

Kärleksmums is hard to translate into English but my favourite translation is Love Treats. Whatever you call them in English, there is no denying that Kärleksmums are one of Sweden's most popular chocolate cakes. They look a bit like a chocolate brownie, but they are light and fluffy and definitely in the cake category. To be a kärleksmums they must be finished with a generous topping of desiccated coconut which gives them a simple but attractive finish.

Most recipes for kärleksmums use a lot of cocoa powder and sugar, but ours has a double hit of dark chocolate and less sugar. It's a real chocolate addict's cake! We think it is the perfect cake for everyone in your heart on alla hjärtans dag! More…

Rödbetscarpaccio med getost

Beetroot carpaccio with goat's cheese

Redbetscarpaccio med getost (Beetroot Carpaccio with goat's cheese)  is an incredibly simple but attractive starter that is ideal for alla hjärtans dag. Read more >>>


Prawn cocktail garnished with asparagus and lemon wedges

Räkcocktail (Prawn/shrimp cocktail) maybe a retro choice for Valentine's Day but it is always popular and can be prepared quickly and easily. More…

Gravad lax med hovmästarsås

Gravad lax with dill and mustard sauce

Home cured salmon is such a wonderful treat and goes well! More…

Hjortfilé med blåbärsås

Venison with blueberries

The choice of main courses for a Valentine's Day menu is very wide and so it really comes down to personal preference. I think hjortfilé med blåbärsås (venison with blueberry or bilberry sauce) takes a lot of beating. More…

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