Chicken liver pâté with port

Kycklingleverpaté med portvin

Chicken liver pate with port

Chicken pâté is a welcome starter at any time of year, but it is an essential part of any julbord (Christmas buffet). Serve it with some knäckebröd and you have a very moreish starter.

Pâtés are included on every julbord in Sweden because at one time it was very important to use up every part of the animal and so this was the way of using the liver.

These days most Swedish families like to stick with a traditional julbord, but they like to give the dishes a modern twist. In this case the pâté is blended with port for a subtle Christmassy flavour. John Duxbury




• Once cut, the pâté quickly discolours so leave your guests to cut their own slice of pâté.
• If you would like to stop the top discolouring you could add a redcurrant and port jelly once after the pâté has finished cooking. Alternatively, pour over some melted clarified butter and leave to harden.


200 g (8½ oz*) chicken liver, trimmed
200 g (1 cup) butter
200 ml (1 cup) port wine
1   sprig of thyme
2   cloves of garlic, finely chopped
    salt and pepper

*Don't mix the units!


1. Preheat the oven to 90°C (195°F, gas ¼, fan 90°C).

2. Put the livers in a food processor and whizz them until fairly smooth.

3. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat.

4. Boil the port, thyme and garlic until reduced to 3 tablespoons. (Tip: add three tablespoons of port to the pan first so you know how much you should reduce the port by.) Pour the port through a sieve onto the liver in the food processor. Add some salt and pepper.

5. Measure the temperature of the butter as it cools and when it is at the same temperature as the liver, pour the butter in a steady trickle into the food processor with the motor running until the liver and butter are evenly mixed. Don't rush this!

Chicken pate being cooked in a water bath

6. Cut a strip of baking parchment to line the bottom of a 500 g (1 lb) loaf tin (pan) so that it comes up the short sides of the tin. Grease the long sides of the tin with butter and pour in the chicken liver mixture.

7. Stand the bread tin in another deep pan and pour boiling water round to create a water bath that comes up to the depth of the chicken mixture or deeper. Cook the liver pâté in the water bath for 45 minutes.

8. When cooked, remove from the oven and leave to cool. When cold transfer to the fridge until required.

9. When ready to serve, slide a knife along the long sides of the pan and then use the paper to lift the pâté out and transfer to a serving plate.


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