Beetroot Carpaccio with goat's cheese

Rödbetscarpaccio med getost

Beetroot carpaccio in a heart shape

Beetroot is popular in Sweden, as it is easy to grow in a cold climate and it pickles well. For instance, inlagda rödbetor (pickled beetroot) is used as base for the salad used in köttbullesmörgås med rödbetssallad (an open sandwich topped with beetroot salad and meatballs).

Swedes also often combine beetroot with getost (goats’ cheese) as the two ingredients go together very well. Sweden has a lot of small famers producing getost, in part because a fairly high proportion of the population are lactose intolerant, but many of them can tolerate goats’ cheese.

This is an easy starter and can be made at any time of year, but it is perfect for alla hjärtans dag (All Hearts' Day or Valentine’s Day) as it looks so attractive and can be prepared in advance.John Duxbury


Recipe summary for beetroot carpaccio


•  Don’t worry: transferring the beetroot in step 4 is much easier than it looks!

•  Ready cooked beetroot works fine or you can cook your own.

•  Choose a fairly mild goat’s cheese. The texture doesn’t matter.


50 g (2 oz) goat's cheese
2   cooked beetroots
20 g (1 oz) salad leaves, such as wild rocket, watercress and spinach
6   walnut halves, lightly crushed


4 tsp   walnut oil
1 tsp   wine vinegar
    salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
 drizzle   balsamic glaze (most supermarkets stock it)


Using a heart shaped cutter to make beetroot carpaccio

1. Slice the cheese thinly and use the slices to make a heart-shape on each plate, using a heart-shaped cutter.

Cutting the thinly sliced beetroot

2. Slice the beetroot very thinly and lay them out on a sheet of grease-proofed paper, overlapping the slices so that there are no gaps. Cut a heart shape with your cutter and scrape away the excess.

3. Trim round the paper roughly so it is easy to lift up the heart shape.

A layer of cheese and beetroot

4. Turn the paper and beetroot upside down and carefully place the beetroot on top of the cheese and then remove the paper.

5. Arrange the salad and walnut pieces round the heart shapes.

6. Whisk the walnut oil, vinegar and salt and pepper together and drizzle over the salad.

7. Drizzle a few drops of balsamic glaze over the beetroot and round the plate.


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