Carrot and raisin salad

Morot- och russin sallad

Carrot and raisin salad

Swedes often make salads using grated carrot and so there are endless variations. The suggestions below are simply starting points for your own creations! John Duxbury


Recipe summary for carrot and raisin salad


• Try a plain carrot salad with just parsley and basil instead of raisins and an oil and vinegar vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise.
• Try replacing the raisins with some kale or spinach and replace the mayonnaise dressing with a dressing made from Dijon or Swedish mustard, apple cider vinegar and walnut oil.
• Try replacing the raisin with sunflower seeds and make a dressing using apple cider vinegar and olive oil.
• If you want to sweeten the dressing, add some sugar or honey.
• All of these salads keep well if covered with cling film (food wrap) and kept in the fridge.


250 g (8 oz) carrots, about 500 ml (2 cups) when shredded
80 g (3½ oz) raisins
2 tbsp   mayonnaise
2 tsp   caster (superfine) sugar
1 tbsp   milk


Carrot and raisin salad with pressed cucumber

1. Peel and shred the carrots.

2. Mix with the raisins.

3. Mix the mayonnaise with the sugar and enough milk to produce a nice dressing consistency.

4. Pour over enough dressing to produce a nice coating. (You might not need all of it.)


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