Fennel salad with strawberries and Parma ham

Fänkålssallad med jordgubbar och Parmaskinka

Fennel salad with strawberries and Parma ham, based on a Swedish recipe

Fennel with its lovely aniseed flavour is popular in Sweden, where it is often thinly sliced and served raw. Swedes also like to add fruit to salads, so when strawberries and raspberries are in season they often find their way into salads.

The salad makes a really tasty light lunch if served with some good bread, such as our rågbröd med frön (rye bread with seeds), or with new potatoes. It also tastes good as an accompaniment to grilled or barbecued meats.

The recipe is adapted from Matmagasinet (The Food Magazine), one of my favourite Swedish food magazines. John Duxbury


Recipe summary for fennel salad with strawberries and Parma ham


• If you can’t find crema di balsamico, use a balsamic glaze instead.
• If you are using packets of Parma ham, remove it from the fridge and open the packets about 30 minutes before serving.


1   fennel bulb
250 g (8 oz) strawberries
200 g (7 oz) Parma ham, about 12 slices
10 g (⅓ oz) basil leaves, about 20 medium sized leaves
12   black olives, such as Kalamata
1 tbsp   crema di balsamico


2 tbsp   olive oil
1 tbsp   lemon juice
1 tsp   honey
    salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Wash and trim the fennel and cut into very thin slices, preferably with a mandolin. Transfer the slices to a bowl filled with ice cold water and leave to soak whilst you prepare the rest of the salad.

2. Clean the strawberries and cut them into small pieces.

3. Whisk all the ingredients for the dressing together.

4. Pour the water off the fennel and let the slices drain in a colander.

5. Spread the ham slices out on a large serving dish. Lay the fennel, strawberries, basil leaves and olives on top.

6. Drizzle the dressing and crema di balsamico over the salad just before serving.


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