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We have a library of well over 100 Swedish food recipes, created by a talented team of cooks. The site only opened in 2013, but it is steadily gaining readers around the world.

Designed for English speakers

The site is designed for English speakers and so the majority of our readers come from the major English speaking countries. However, for about a third of our readers English is their second language.

Wherever you come from we hope you will enjoy the site and finding out more about Swedish food!

Why Swedish food?

Sweden produces some fantastic food which I think, until recently, has been underrated. The renaissance in Swedish food is becoming widely appreciated as Sweden, along with the other Nordic countries, is now producing some of the world's most respected chefs.

The cuisine has been shaped by its countryside and its climate. The vast forests are full of berries, mushrooms and game, which all have a special place in Swedish hearts. The long tradition of Swedes as traders also plays an important part because Swedes are great users of spices to enhance the flavour of foods. 

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Swedes are also some of the best preservers of food in the world. At one time that was necessary to cope with harsh winters, but it is still a strong feature of their cuisine, now largely for nostalgic reasons. It often gives rise to a characteristic sweet and sour contrast in their dishes. Click here to read more about the distinctive features of Swedish food.

Designed for busy people

We have tried to keep our recipes quick and easy, as far as possible. The site is designed for busy people who like to cook or who want to learn more about Swedish food, rather than for budding Master Chefs!

Tried and tasted!

All our recipes have been tried and tasted to ensure that they turn out perfectly every time. We also include a clear summary for each recipe so that before you even start you have a rough idea of:

• how many portions it makes,
• the level of difficulty,
• how long it takes to make,
• its "Swedishness".

Of course, this can only be a rough guide, but our trials showed that people found the summaries helpful.

Step-by-step instructions

As I have worked for over 40 years as a physics teacher I know that it is easier to learn new ideas if things are broken down into short simple steps. If too many instructions are given at once it is easy to miss something important. As a result of this, we have probably used more steps than is normal in most cookery sites, but we hope it makes our recipes easier to follow.

High quality photos

All recipes include at least one high quality photo so that you can see the finished dish. In many cases, we also provide step-by-step photos so that you can see exactly what you need to do at each stage.

Designed for an international readership

Rather than use Swedish units we have used British units, adding American units in brackets after the British unit. We hope this will mean that the recipes will be easy to follow wherever you live.

Where we know thatanother words is used an ingredient, we have put the alternative word in brackets after the British ingredient, although we have only done this if there is a significant difference and not simply a minor spelling difference.

Top 50 Classic Swedish recipes

You can see photos of all our Top 50 Classic Recipes by clicking here.


We are gradually developing an alphabetical Swedishfoodpedia with details about Swedish ingredients, especially things like cloudberries, lingonberries and Västerbottensost which are largely unknown outside Sweden. Read more >>>

Visiting Sweden

Of course, one of the best places to try Swedish food is Sweden. If you are thinking of Visiting Sweden you might find our guide interesting. It isn't comprehensive or a substitute for a good guide book but you might find it interesting anyway. More…


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