Redcurrant smoothie

Röda vinbärssmoothie

Redcurrant smoothie

Smoothies are a wonderful addition to a breakfast with two big additional attractions: they are so quick to make and they are super healthy!

Smoothies have become quite trendy and so they are popular with young people. You might find that children who might curl their noses up at eating redcurrants will enjoy a redcurrant smoothie! As they are so easy to make even quite young children can enjoy coming up with their own crazy combinations! John Duxbury



• You can make smoothies all year round by using frozen fruit, in which case omit the ice.
• Smoothies usually use bananas as a base because they add natural creaminess, texture and sweetness. If you are making smoothies for someone allergic to bananas, on a low glycaemic diet or wanting to avoid hybrid fruit you can substitute mangoes, papaya or peaches.
• If you don’t like the taste of honey substitute sugar or sweetener.
• If you prefer a colder smoothie, place the ice cubes in the blender with the fruit and yoghurt.
• Experiment with different fruits!


240 g (8 oz) redcurrants, fresh or frozen
1   small banana, peeled
5 tbsp   cranberry or redcurrant cordial
240 ml (1 cup) low-fat yoghurt
    honey or sugar, optional
    ice cubes, if using fresh redcurrants


1. Remove any stalks from the redcurrants.

2. Place the redcurrants, banana, cordial and yoghurt in a blender and blend on high speed for a minute or two.

3. Taste and add honey or sugar if desired.

4. Place some ice cubes in a tall glass and then top up with smoothie.


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