As far as possible we have tried to base the recipes on this site with ingredients readily available in local supermarkets or in local health food stores. Nonetheless, some really good recipes rely on typically Swedish ingredients, which most supermarkets don't stock. Examples of such ingredients include hjortonsylt (cloudberry jam), rårörda lingon (a kind of lingonberry sauce/jam) and Västerbottensost (a type of cheese), but there are many more. It really is worth the effort to order these items online so that you can cook something a little more unusual and, possibly, more authentically Swedish.

Worldwide supplier

Butik Hemlängtan ship Swedish products all over the world. Butik Hemlängtan has been run by a Swedish couple, Ann and Michael Sandström, since 2007. They pride themselves in:

• Quick order handling
• Low shipping costs
• Quick email answers
• Stocking a wide range of goods

Since they have been advertising on their sales have increased to record levels as more people learn about what they have to offer. Why not check out their online store now? More…

Local farmers markets

Please try and support local farmers markets.  Most have very fresh products.  If you live near London we particularly recommend Borough market, which our own Anna Bonde-Mosesson helped to establish.


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