Swedish restaurants, cafés and bars in the UK

Swedish restaurants in the UK

This page is no longer being maintained, so the information may be out of date.

Like Swedish food and want to treat yourself to a meal out? All of the places listed below employ Swedish staff and import a lot of their ingredients direct from Sweden, so you will get to enjoy the pucka thing! Some of the places listed are Scandinavian and so include Danish and Norwegian cuisine as well as Swedish, but we've tried not to hold that against them!

Of course, London is a magnet for Swedes and even has its own Swedish quarter, Swedish church and Swedish shop. Not surprisingly it has the biggest selection of Swedish restaurants and cafés, but some new places have opened in other parts of the country. There is clearly an appetite for Swedish food in the UK!

The list is in alphabetical order and we try to keep it up to date and accurate. If you find any omissions or changes please let me know.

Bygga Bo, Walthamstow, London

Bygga Bo is a Swedish café frequented by Yummy Mummies in London's East End. Despite the apparent contradictions it works well and is becoming increasingly popular. Read more...

Duke of York, London

Duke of York pub sign in London

The Duke of York has opened as a Swedish pub whilst The Harcourt is closed for refurbishment. More…

Fika bar & kitchen, Brick Lane, East London

Fika bar & kitchen is nestled in the East End of London on Brick Lane amongst lots and lots of curry houses. Read more...

The Harcourt, Central London

The Harcourt is a pub in London's Swedish quarter, just round the corner from the Swedish church. Read more..

The Icebar, Central London

London's Icebar is run by Sweden's Icehotel. It is a fun way of starting a night out. Read more...

Lisa's, Notting Hill, London

Lisa's is a new Swedish restaurant which only opened in the summer of 2013 on London's Portobello Road. Read more...

Nordic, Central London

Nordic is a popular after-work bar, which also serves food, and is tucked away in a basement on the north side of Oxford Street. Read more...

The Salt Bar, Macclesfield

A review of the UK's nearest Swedish restaurant and our Restaurant of the Year. Read more...

Scandikitchen, Central London

The Scandinavian Kitchen serves a good range of Scandinavian open sandwiches and tasty cakes seven days a week, daytimes only. Read more...

The Stockholm Restaurant & Deli, East Sheen, London

Stockholm Restaurant & Deli is a smart restaurant in East Sheen run by Göran Landh, a Swedish chef. Read more...

Svea café & restaurang, Cheltenham

Svea café & restaurang in Cheltenham is charming, quirky, unpretentious and reasonably priced. Read more...

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