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Clare Corlett from Amathus Drinks explains the enduring popularity of O.P.Anderson

O.P.Anderson is Sweden’s oldest aquavit (snaps) and has become firmly established as one of Sweden’s most popular brands.

Source: Göran Rosenhoff, from his family's private collectio. O.P. is a relative.

Olof Peter Anderson (1796-1876), better known simply as OP, was a merchant and chemical industrialist. In the 1850s he started developing liquors with his son, Carl August.

Source: Vin & Sprithistoriska Museet, Stockholm

In 1891, fifteen years after the death of his father, Carl August launched a new drink called Gammal Fin 1ma Aquavit at the Gothenburg Exhibition, naming the drink after his father.

What is it made from?

Like all aquavits, O.P.Anderson is made using a vodka base. It is is spiced with caraway, anise and fennel before being stored in oak barrels for 8 months. It is totally organic.

Matching O.P.Anderson with Food

 Shellfish including crayfish
 Smoked salmon
 Smoked eel Yellow-star-20
 Jansson's Temptation

Like all aquavits, its should be matched with foods that are fairly strong in taste. Having said that, the flavour of O.P.Anderson is more versatile than most and so it goes well with a wider range of foods, most notably herring, shellfish and cheese.


Ideally O.P.Anderson should be served at room temperature or lightly chilled. In Sweden it is usually served in special long-stemmed glasses (available quite cheaply from IKEA), but ordinary shot glasses are fine. Like all aquavits it is often accompanied by a lager and is sometimes drunk as a "chaser".



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