November 2018

November 2018

Swedish pyttipan with fried eggs and pickled beetroot

Recipe of the month

Pyttipanna (Swedish hash or, literally, pieces in a pan)

Calendar notes

All Sundays and bank/public holidays in Sweden are known as röda dagar (literally red days) and are highlighted in pink below.

Swedish flag to show a designated flag day in Sweden Indicates an official flaggdag (flag day) in Sweden.

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November 2018

Week Date Namnsdagar Event
  44 Thu 1 - Allhelgonadagen (All Saints' Day)
  44 Fri 2 Tobias Halloween¹
  44 Sat 3 Hubert, Hugo Alla helgons dag (All Saints' Day holiday)
  44 Sun 4 Sverker  
  45 Mon 5 Eugen, Eugenia  
  45 Tue 6 Gustav Adolf Swedish flag to denote an official flag day in Sweden Gustav Adolfsdagen (Gustav Adolf's Day)²
  45 Wed 7 Ingegerd, Ingela  
  45 Thu 8 Vendela  
  45 Fri 9 Teodor, Teodora  
  45 Sat 10 Martin, Martina Mårtensafton (St Martin's Evening)
  45 Sun 11 Mårten Fars dag (Father's Day in Sweden)
  46 Mon 12 Konrad, Kurt  
  46  Tue 13  Kristian, Krister  
  46  Wed 14  Emil, Emilia Ostkakans dag (Cheesecake Day)
  46  Thu 15  Leopold  
  46  Fri 16  Vibeke, Viveka  
  46  Sat 17  Naemi, Naima  
  46  Sun 18 Lillemor, Moa  
  47  Mon 19 Elisabet, Lisbet  
  47 Tue 20  Pontus, Marina  
  47  Wed 21  Helga, Olga  
  47  Thu 22  Cecilia, Sissela Swedish Christmas Market in London³
  47  Fri 23  Klemens  
  47  Sat 24 Gudrun, Rune Swedish Christmas Market in London³
  47  Sun 25 Katarina, Katja Swedish Christmas Market in London³
  48 Mon 26 Linus  
  48  Tue 27  Astrid, Asta  
  48  Wed 28  Malte  
  48  Thu 29  Sune  
  48  Fri 30  Andreas, Anders Kåldolmens dag (Stuffed cabbage roll day)

¹ Rather than October 31st, this is the day officially designated for Halloween parties in Sweden.
² Gustav Adolf is credited as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power.
³ For further details and opening times click here.

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