May 2018

Maj 2018

Wild garlic pesto

Recipe of the month

Ramslök (wild garlic) is usually at its best and can be used to make some delicious ramslökssoppa (wild garlic soup) or, as shown above, some ramslökspesto (wild garlic pesto).

Calendar notes

All Sundays and bank/public holidays in Sweden are known as röda dagar (literally red days) and are highlighted in pink below.

Swedish flag to show a designated flag day in Sweden Indicates an official flaggdag (flag day) in Sweden.

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May 2018

Week Date Namnsdagar Event
  18 Tue 1 Valborg Swedish flag designates a flag day in Sweden Första maj / Valborg (May Day)¹
  18 Wed 2 Filip, Filippa  
  18 Thu 3 John, Jane  
  18 Fri 4 Monika, Mona  
  18 Sat 5 Gotthard, Erhard  
  18 Sun 6 Marit, Rita  
  19 Mon 7 Carina, Carita  
  19 Tue 8 Åke  
  19 Wed 9 Reidar, Reidun  
  19 Thu 10 Esbjörn, Styrbjörn Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day)
  19 Fri 11 Märta, Märit Klämdag (Squeeze day)²
Chokladbollens dag (Chocolate ball day)
  19 Sat 12 Charlotta  
  19 Sun 13 Linnea, Linn  
  20 Mon 14 Halvard, Halvar  
  20 Tue 15 Sofia, Sonja  
  20 Wed 16 Ronald, Ronny  
  20 Thu 17 Rebecka, Ruben  
  20 Fri 18 Erik  
  20 Sat 19 Maj, Majken  
  20 Sun 20 Karolina, Carola  Swedish flag to denote a flag day in Sweden Pingstdagen (Whit Sunday)
  21 Mon 21 Konstantin, Conny  
  21  Tue 22 Hemming, Henning  
  21  Wed 23 Desideria, Desirée  
  21  Thu 24  Ivan, Vanja  
  21  Fri 25 Urban  
  21  Sat 26  Vilhelmina, Vilma  
  21  Sun 27 Beda, Blenda  Mors dag (Mother's Day in Sweden)
  22 Mon 28 Ingeborg, Borghild  
  22 Tue 29  Yvonne, Jeanette  
  22  Wed 30  Vera, Veronika  
  22  Thu 31  Petronella, Pernilla  

¹ May 1st was referred to for hundreds of years as Valborg and was an important date in the Swedish calendar. These days many people prefer to call it första maj (May Day), but others prefer to stick with the original name. In common with many other countries some Swedes regard första maj as a day to celebrate workers' rights and so they take part in marches carrying banners, but for most Swedes it is simply a day for chilling!

² If there is only one day between a red day and a weekend it is called a klämdag (a squeeze day) and most employees are entitled to take the day off work. The Friday immediately after Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day) is always a klämdag, so it is a holiday (vacation) for most Swedes.

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