Margareta Schildt Landgren

Margareta Schildt Landgren

Margareta is a food journalist living in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. She is a freelance food writer, author and filmmaker who has written over 20 cookery books.

Margareta advised on the setting up of and contributes articles and recipes from time to time.

New Nordic Kitchen

The cover of New Nordic Kitchen

The Swedish edition of "New Nordic Kitchen: Nature, flavours and philosophy" was awarded the prize for the best cookery book about Nordic food in 2015 by Svenska Måltidsakademiens Biblioteksstiftelse (The Library of the Academy for Swedish Cuisine). Unfortunately the English version is currently out of print, but copies are still available in Swedish.

Notes from a Swedish Kitchen

The cover of Notes from a Swedish Kitchen

In 2012 Margareta wrote Notes from a Swedish Kitchen for the British market, but it was such a runaway success that it has been translated into five languages, including Swedish. You can order your own copy click on one of the links below:

Australia: via Boomerang Books,
UK: via Waterstones,
USA: via Amazon.

Simply Swedish

The cover of "Simply Swedish"

Margareta's latest book in English, published in 2014, is Simply Swedish, flavours for every season. It contains 48 recipes, all of which include beautiful photographs of the finished dishes.

A photograph of cloudberry herring from Simply Swedish

It is a book that anyone who likes Swedish food will enjoy reading with lots of mouthwatering dishes such as reindeer carpaccio with Gotland truffles and, as shown above, cloudberry sill. Of course, most of us can't buy cloudberries or Gotland truffles, but it's still fun to read to read about them and see the photos.

Chocolate Kingles from Simply Swedish

The publisher, Kakao Förlag, have kindly agreed to allow us to reproduce three of the recipes from Simply Swedish. Naturally we have chosen recipes that use more readily available ingredients. Our first choice was chocolate kringles with nuts as it uses ingredients that can be obtain anywhere in the world, and yet the kringles look so Swedelicious!

Lingonberry pears from Simply Swedish

Our second choice was lingonberry pears shown above. It requires some rårörda lingon which is a little bit harder to find, but a trip to a specialist store or an online order is all that is required.

Sambucus from Simply Swedish

Our final choice was Sambucus, a warm elderflower based drink for Advent and Christmas. It is not as well known as glögg but that is part of the charm of the book; it tempts readers to try new dishes whilst still exploring Swedish food.

Simply Swedish is not on general sale outside of Sweden as it is mainly aimed at tourists visiting Sweden and Swedish companies who want to send gifts to business partners abroad, but you might occasionally find a copy for sale online.

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