Maia Brindley Nilsson

Maia is an American cookery writer, who has written for The Local (the Swedish news in English), an online newspaper, and produces her own blog,

Maia's blog takes its name from the fact that she is part Swedish, 25% to be precise. Her father’s mother was a full-blooded Swede that grew up in Iowa in the States.

Whilst in graduate school in Oregon, Maia met and married a Swede. They both worked in Boston for eight years before they moved to Sweden in 2008. They have two children, one born in the U.S., and one in Sweden. Maia can now hold her own in Swedish and enjoys life in Sweden despite, inevitably, missing her family in the States.

Maia is trained as a historic preservationist and this is reflected in her blog as every article is thoroughly researched, often right back to original sources. Click here to read Maia's excellent blog.

Nettle soup

Until Maia moved to Sweden she had never heard of anything being made of stinging nettles! Now she looks forward to nettle soup every spring. Try her recipe to see why. Read more...

Elderflower cordial

The first time Maia mixed up a glass of elderflower juice she fell in love with it straight away. The intoxicating floral aroma is sweet and subtle with a hint of spice transported her off to summer with one whiff. Read more...

Lent buns (Semlor)

Semlor are cardomom-scented cream and almond paste filled buns. Traditionally they should only be eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but now they have become so popular that they are sold all over Sweden from Christmas until Easter! Read more...

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