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We are delighted that Karin Fürst has agreed to share some of her cake recipes with us for two reasons. Firstly, Karin bakes exceedingly good cakes. Secondly, and more importantly, Karin is such as inspirational lady. Even though she is 90 she still gets up early 2 or 3 times per week to bake wonderful cakes.

Karin-fika2-280Karin (right) enjoying fika in c1966

Karin said she was delighted to see the worldwide revival of interest in baking and hopes more countries in the future will adopt Sweden’s fika tradition. "Sitting down for coffee and cakes is a great way to spend time with friends", explained Karin.

"Gamlemormor, jag är lite hungrig"

Karin baking with her great grandson

Karin is especially fond of passing on her baking skills to Christoffer, her great grandson. Christoffer loves visiting his great grandmother and when he wants to do some baking he whispers, "Gamlemormor, jag är lite hungrig"! It is the cue to do some baking, usually his favourite, kanelbullar (cinnamon buns).

Of course, teaching children to bake increases their self-confidence, builds up a range of practical skills and is great way of bonding with them. If you have children, grandchildren or great grandchildren try to find time to bake with them. It's great fun!

Karin's midsummer cake


Karin makes a delicious midsummer strawberry cake using Rice Krispies (Rice Bubbles). More…



Drömmar (Dreams, sometimes called Sugar Dreams or Dream cookies), are another of Karin's specialities. More…

Pistachio cake

A wonderful kaffekala (coffee party) cake. Strangely although it is usually called pistachio cake it doesn't normally have any pistachios in it! More…

Tiger cake

A wonderful fika cake enjoyed by people of all ages. More…

Isle of Höno flatbread

Karin also bakes Hönökaka, a wonderful flatbread that is very popular in Sweden, especially with children who love its light easy-eating texture that means it is almost like cake. More…

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