June 2018

Juni 2018

Elderflower cordial (syrup) with sparkling wine

Recipe of the month

Fläderblomssaft (elderflower cordial/syrup), shown above served with sparkling white wine.

Calendar notes

All Sundays and bank/public holidays in Sweden are known as röda dagar (literally red days) and are highlighted in pink below.

Swedish flag to show a designated flag day in Sweden Indicates an official flaggdag (flag day) in Sweden.

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June 2018

Week Date Namnsdagar Event
  22 Fri 1 Gun, Gunnel  
  22 Sat 2 Rutger, Roger  
  22 Sun 3 Ingemar, Gudmar
  23 Mon 4 Solbritt, Solveig  
  23 Tue 5 Bo  
  23 Wed 6 Gustav, Gösta Swedish flag, denotes a flag-day in Sweden Nationaldagen (National Day)
  23 Thu 7 Robert, Robin  
  23 Fri 8 Eivor, Majvor  
  23 Sat 9 Börje, Birger  
  23 Sun 10 Svante, Boris  
  24 Mon 11 Bertil, Berthold  
  24 Tue 12 Eskil  
  24 Wed 13 Aina, Aino  
  24 Thu 14 Håkan, Hakon  
  24 Fri 15 Margit, Margot  
  24 Sat 16 Axel, Axelina  
  24 Sun 17 Torborg, Torvald  
  25 Mon 18 Björn, Bjarne  
  25 Tue 19 Germund, Görel  
  25 Wed 20 Linda  
  25 Thu 21 Alf, Alvar Sommarsolståndet (Summer solstice)
  25 Fri 22 Paulina, Paula Midsommarafton (Midsummer's Eve)¹
  25 Sat 23 Adolf, Alice Swedish flag, denotes a flag-day in Sweden Midsommardagen (Midsummer's Day)²
  25 Sun 24 - Swedish flag, denotes a flag-day in Sweden 
  26 Mon 25 David, Salomon  
  26 Tue 26 Rakel, Lea  
  26 Wed 27 Selma, Fingal  
  26 Thu 28 Leo  
  26 Fri 29 Peter, Petra  
  26 Sat 30 Elof, Leif  

¹ Most firms and organisations are closed for the day on Midsummer's Eve, even though it is not officially a red day.
² Note: even most restaurants close for the whole weekend at Midsummer.



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