December 2018

December 2018

Lussekatter (Swedish saffron buns) served at Lucia

Recipe of the month

Lussekatter (Lucia saffron buns)

Calendar notes

All Sundays and bank/public holidays in Sweden are known as röda dagar (literally red days) and are highlighted in pink below.

Swedish flag to show a designated flag day in Sweden Indicates an official flaggdag (flag day) in Sweden.

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December 2018

Week Date Namnsdagar Event
  48 Sat 1 Oskar, Ossian  
  48 Sun 2 Beata, Beatrice Första advent (First Advent Sunday)
  49 Mon 3 Lydia  
  49 Tue 4 Barbara, Barbro  
  49 Wed 5 Sven  
  49 Thu 6 Nikolaus, Niklas  
  49 Fri 7 Angela, Angelika  
  49 Sat 8 Virginia  
  49 Sun 9 Anna Pepparkakans dag (Ginger thins day)
  50 Mon 10 Malin, Malena Swedish flag to denote an official flag day in Sweden Nobeldagen (Nobel Prize Day)
  50 Tue 11 Daniel, Daniela  
  50 Wed 12 Alexander, Alexis  
  50 Thu 13 Lucia Luciadagen (Lucia Procession Day)
  50 Fri 14 Sten, Sixten  
  50 Sat 15 Gottfrid  
  50 Sun 16 Assar  
  51 Mon 17 Stig  
  51 Tue 18 Abraham  
  51 Wed 19 Isak  
  51 Thu 20 Israel, Moses  
  51 Fri 21 Tomas  
  51 Sat 22 Natanael, Jonatan  
  51 Sun 23 Adam Swedish flag to denote an official flag day in Sweden Drottningens födelsedag (The Queen's birthday)
  52 Mon 24 Eva Julafton (Christmas Eve)
  52 Tue 25 - Swedish flag to denote an official flag day in Sweden Juldagen (Christmas Day)
  52 Wed 26 Stefan, Staffan Annandag jul (Boxing Day)
  52 Thu 27 Johannes, Johan  
  52 Fri 28 Benjamin  
  52 Sat 29 Natalia, Natalie  
  52 Sun 30 Abel, Set  
  1 Mon 31 Sylvester Nyårsafton (New Year's Eve)


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