Colin Moon

Colin Moon

Colin Moon is a professional business speaker talking at engagements all over the world. Colin now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He runs his own company - Colin Moon Communications AB – and specialises in giving talks at all kinds of international events on cross-cultural communication in business.

Even Swedes enjoy it

In-the-secret-garden-150Colin is also an author, writing highly amusing books as well as being a regular contributor to international business magazines. Anyone wanting material with which to tease Swedish friends should read his book In the Secret Garden of SwEden. It's short, sweet and very funny. Even Swedes enjoy it.

To quote from the book, Colin says, "Before I ever set foot in Sweden I knew for sure that Swedes were socialists, that they drank themselves to death and that they had sex anywhere at any time. Now that I've been here for a few years I know that only one of these is true."

As an inter-culturalist Colin enjoys living in Sweden and appreciates all things Swedish.. 'The Swedes think they are quite normal, and that in itself is quite interesting', says Colin.

To order any of Colin's book click here. on YouTube

Swedes and meetings is one of Colin's specialisms, documented in another amusing book by Colin and in a series of YouTube videos. The book is written with warmth and respect for Swedish business people who want to know how others see them. It is also entertaining reading for their international business partners. Click here to see Colin's YouTube channel.

Swedes and their food and drink

Colin has written a number of articles for in which he gives us the benefit of his insiders view of Swedes and their food and drink. Click here to read Colin on Swedes and alcohol.

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