Christer Frånlund

Christer FranlundChrister wearing a traditional Sami hat

Christer is our expert on food from northern Sweden and especially Sami* food.

Christer's roots on his mother's side are in the very north of Sweden and include some traces of Sami blood. He is very keen to carry the northern traditions on to the coming generations as well as offering the very fine food that comes from wild animals in the upper north of Sweden to a wider audience.

He is particularly fond of Sami reindeer which he regards as absolutely Swedelicious (!), fit for any occasion. Sami reindeer are in one sense farmed, but in another sense they are wild because they are not kept in a fenced area as they can move freely across vast areas of land in northern Scandinavia.

Christer enjoys sharing his passion for traditional Sami food and so every year he comes over to London's Swedish Church to help out at their Julmarknad (Chrismas Fair), selling first class meat and fish to raise money for the Swedish Church.

*Sami (sometimes spelt Saami or Sámi) were traditionally known in English as Lapps or Lapplanders, but many Sami regard these as pejorative terms because of other meanings for the word Lapp. Lapp can mean a patch of cloth for mending or something old and to be discarded and Lape in Finnish means periphery.

Recipes on


Kalix löjrom på rågbröd (caviar from Kalix on rye bread) is a wonderful appetiser for a party, especially at Christmas. Kalix löjrom ("Caviar of Kalix") is the king of Swedish caviars. It is the only Swedish product with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, issued by the European Union. It is a prized delicacy which is served at special occasions such as Nobel Banquets, Royal Weddings and other celebrations.

Caviar cocktail made using Kalix löjrom

Kalix löjromscocktail med avokado och räkor i citrondressing (prawn and avocado cocktail with "Caviar of Kalix") pairs Kalix löjrom with prawns and avocado to make an elegant starter that can be prepared in advance. Absolutely gorgeous and ideal for any special occasion.

Tjälknöl ("Tuber of reindeer cooked from frozen")

Tjälknöl is an ingenious way of cooking a large piece of meat. Tjälknöl is really two words: tjäle means ground frost and knöl means tuber, like a potato tuber. The method was invented by the Sami people, previously called Laplanders, who farmed reindeer (caribou) in northern Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The Sami would keep their best pieces of meat by burying them in the snow. When they wanted to cook their tjälknöl they would dig another hole in the snow, fill it with rocks and then build a charcoal fire on the rocks. They would then wrap the meat, put it on the fire, cover it with earth and cook it very slowly, usually overnight. The final stage was to soak it in a hot marinade and leave it to go completely cold. The meat is then sliced as thinly as possible. The result is an absolutely stunning piece of meat, quite dense, slightly salty and delicately flavoured. More…

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