Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes

Chris is a talented young Australian chef currently working in the UK. In 2014 he opened Bush Pepper, a "fresh and quirky" restaurant in Newquay, Cornwall. The restaurant uses a mix of Australian and European ingredients to produce an array of stylish dishes.

Chris is enjoying his spell in Europe and seeing the influences of different countries on the growing internationalisation of food. He especially likes the simple contrasting flavours found in Swedish food. Chris creates colourful vibrant dishes with layers of flavour.

Recipes on

Pickled mackerelInlagd makrill med rödbetssallad (Pickled mackerel with beetroot salad)

Oyster with a chilli and dill dipOstron med chilli- och dill sås (Oysters with a chilli and dill dip)

Porcini dusted scallopsKarljohansvamp beströdda pilgrimsmusslor (Porcini dusted scallops)

Crispy salmon with carrot pureeKrispiga lax och morotspuré (Crispy salmon with carrot purée)

Absolut strawberriesJordgubbar Absolut (Absolut strawberries)

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