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Cherries are popular in Sweden with fresh Swedish cherries available from late June until August.  Most fresh cherries available in shops in Sweden are sweet cherries, but it is also possible to buy frozen sour cherries.

Cherry trees are not indigenous to Sweden although wild cherry trees are common in many parts of the country, probably being originally imported by travellers in the Iron Age.  Swedes, who are keen gatherers of all forms of wild fruit, often pick wild cherries for cooking or drying and storing.

Wild cherries are very variable with some almost the size of modern varieties.  Most wild cherries are wickedly sour and so cannot be eaten without cooking but they cook well and make excellent sauces to accompany game such reindeer, elk or venison.

Sweet cherries

Above: a bowl of sweet cherries

Sweet cherries are available on most markets and in nearly all supermarkets in the summer both in Sweden and in the UK.  Of course, they are irresistable to eat just as they are without cooking.  However, they are so plentiful in the summer that they are worth cooking with for a change and because once cooked they keept well.

Cherry Compote   Körsbärskompott

Sour cherries are much harder to find but sometimes it is possible to buy frozen sour cherries.

can be bought anywhere in the summero eat fresh or to dryand some people with large gardens grow their own cherries. 

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