Calendar 2019

Almanacka 2019 calendar for 2017

At the bottom of this page there is an option to download a 12-page calendar, which includes namnsdagar (name-days), röda dagar (public holidays), klämdagar (squeeze days), flaggar dagar (flag days) and veckonummer (week numbers). If desired it can be printed out on to A4 paper.

Week numbers

Swedes often refer to week numbers, so they are included on all calendars in Sweden. For instance, many Swedes plan to take their sportlov (winter skiing holiday) during v10 (week 10).

Red days

Public or bank holidays in Sweden are called röda dagar. All Sundays are officially red days. If a red day falls on a weekday then all banks are closed, as are many shops and restaurants.

Squeeze days

If there is only one day between a red day and a weekend it is called a klämdag (a squeeze day) and most employees are entitled to take the day off. The Friday immediately after Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day) is always a klämdag, so it is a holiday (vacation) for most Swedes.


Midsummer is a really big family-orientated event in Sweden with virtually all shops, attractions and restaurants closed. It is a wonderful time to visit but only if you are staying with friends or relatives because many places for tourists can be extremely quiet with little choice of things to do or places to eat.

Official flag days

Swedish flag denotes an official flag day in Sweden Flaggar dagar (flag days) are denoted by a small flag symbol. Sweden has a total of 16 official flag days (17 in an election year).

The summer vacations

If you are planning visiting Sweden in the summer bear in mind that Swedes take their vacation earlier than most other Europeans and go back to work earlier. As a result many seaside facilities close for the season from the middle of August.

Downloadable calendar

printer copy sb  2019 calendar.pdf

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