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Almanacka 2017 calendar for 2017

Below is an abbreviated calendar highlighting the main festivals and food events in Sweden during 2017. For a full calendar, including namnsdagar (name days) click here.

Red days

Public or bank holidays in Sweden are called röda dagar. All Sundays are officially red days, but only special red days are shown below. For instance, Alla hjartans dag (Valentine's Day) falls on a Sunday in 2017, but this is not marked in red because it is not normally a red day.

If a red day falls on a weekday then all banks are closed, as are most shops and restaurants.

Squeeze days

If there is only one day between a red day and a weekend it is called a klämdag (a squeeze day) and most employees are entitled to take the day off. The Friday immediately after Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day) is always a klämdag, so it is a holiday (vacation) for most Swedes.


Cod with browned butter and grated horseradish

Recipe of the month: Torsk med pepparrot och brynt smör (Cod with horseradish and browned butter). This dish is especially good if made with Skrei, a migratory cod caught off the coast of Norway between January and April.

Sunday 1st January
Nyårsdagen (New Year's Day)

Thursday 5th January
Trettondagsafton (Twelfth Night)
Some firms and organisations shut at lunchtime

Friday 6th January
Trettondedag jul (Epiphany or, literally, the thirteenth day of Christmas)

Friday 13th January
Tjugondedag jul (20th Day of Christmas)
This is the day that Swedes traditionally do some julgransplundring (Christmas tree's plundering) and throw away the Christmas tree. It is also known as Knut's Day after Saint Knut. (No one really knows why Swedes stretch Christmas so far into January, but so far it hasn't been made a röd dag.)

Saturday 28th January
Konungens namnsdag (The King's Name Day)


Semlor (Lenten buns) are a popular bun served during Lent in Sweden

Recipe of the month: Semlor (Lenten buns) are traditionally eaten on fattisdagen (Shrove Tuesday), but these days they are eaten from mid January right up to Easter.

Thursday 2nd February
Kyndelsmässodagen (Candlemas Day)

Sunday 14th February
Alla hjärtans dag (Valentine's Day) More…

Tuesday 28th February
Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday) More…


Swedish heart-shaped waffles served with fresh fruit and whipped cream

Recipe of the month: Våfflor (Waffles). Swedes love våfflor and eaten them throughout the year, but they like them so much that they even have a våffeldagen (waffle day), which is always on March 25th.

Wednesday 1st March
Askonsdagen (Ash Wednesday)

Wednesday 8th March
Internationella kvinnodagen (International Women's Day)

Sunday 12th March
Kronsprinsessans namnsdag (Crown Princess Viktoria's Name Day)

Monday 20th March
Vårdagjämningen (Spring Equinox)

Saturday 25th March
Våffeldagen (Waffle day) More…

Sunday 26th March
Sommartid börjar (Summer time begins)


Nettle soup is traditionally served with hard boiled egg in Sweden

Recipe of the month: Nässelsoppa (Nettle soup), a popular spring soup traditionally served with hard boiled eggs. It should only be made with baby nettle shoots, so the season is quite short and varies from March in southern Sweden to late April in northern Sweden.

Thursday 13th April
Skärtorsdagen (Maundy Thursday)

Friday 14th April
Långfredagen (Good Friday)

Saturday 15th April
Påskafton (literally, Easter Evening)

Sunday 16th April
Påskdagen (Easter Sunday) More…

Monday 17th April
Annandag påsk (Easter Monday)

Sunday 30th April
Valbordsmässoafton (Walpurgis Eve)
Some firms and organisations shut at lunchtime.


A jar o wild garlic pesto

Recipe of the month: Ramslökspesto (Wild garlic pesto)

Monday 1st May
Första Maj (May Day)
Valborgs namnsdag (Valborg's Name Day)

Thursday 25th May
Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day)

Friday 26th May
Klämdag (Squeeze day)
Most firms and organisations are closed.

Saturday 27th May
Ramslöks Dag (Wild Garlic Day)

Sunday 28th May
Mors dag (Mother's Day)


Elderflower cordial/syrup served with sparkling wine

Recipe of the month: Fläderblomssaft (Elderflower cordial/syrup)

Sunday 4th June
Pingstdagen (Whit Sunday)

Tuesday 7th June
Sveriges nationaldag (Sweden's National Day)

Wednesday 21st June
Sommarsolståndet (Summer solstice)

Friday 23rd June
Midsommarafton (Midsummer's Eve)
Most firms and organisations are closed for the day, even though it is not officially a red day.

Saturday 24th June
Midsommardagen (Midsummer's Day) More…
Note: even most restaurants close for Midsommardagen.


Mixed berry compote

Recipe of the month: Kryddad bärkompott (Spiced berry compote)

Although there are no red days, other than Sundays, during July, the majority of Swedes are on holiday for most of the month!

Friday 14th July
Kronprinsessans födelsedag (Crown Princess Viktoria's Birthday)


Crayfish with dill on a plate

Recipe of the month: Kräftor med dill (Crayfish with dill)

Sunday 6th August
The end of the summer holiday for most Swedes. Many seaside facilities start to reduce their opening hours.

Monday 7th August
Kräftpremiär  (Official start to the crayfish party season) More…

Tuesday 8th August
Drottningens namnsdag (The Queen's Name Day)

Sunday 13th August
The end of school holidays in most parts of Sweden, so more seaside facilities close during the week.

Thursday 17th August
Surströmmingspremiär (Fermented herring released)


Apple and almond tart

Recipe of the month: Äppeltarte med mandelfyllning och tosca (Apple and almond tart)

Friday 22nd September
Höstdagjämningen (Autumnal Equinox)


A cinnamon roll on a plate

Recipe of the month: Kanelbullar (Cinnamon buns)

Monday 2nd October
Internationella barndagen (International Children's Day)

Wednesday 4th October
Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon bun day)

Tuesday 24th October
FN-dagen (UN Day)

Sunday 29th October
Sommartid slutar (Summer time ends)

Tuesday 31st October
Halloween (Halloween)


Swedish pyttipanna (hash) with fried eggs and pickled beetroot

Recipe of the month: Pyttipanna (Swedish hash or, literally, pieces in a pan)

Saturday 4th November
Alla helgons dag (All Saints' Day)

Monday 6th November
Gustav Adolfsagen (Gustav Adolf's Day), credited as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power

Friday 10th November
Mårtensafton (St Martin's Evening)

Sunday 12th November
Fars dag (Father's Day)


Lussekatter (saffron buns) made for Advent in Sweden

Recipe of the month: Lussekatter (Lucia saffron buns)

Sunday 3rd December
1:a advent (First Advent Sunday) More…

Sunday 10th December
2:a advent (Second Advent Sunday)
Nobeldagen (Nobel Prize Day)

Wednesday 13th December
Luciadagen (Lucia Day) More…

Sunday 17th December
3:a advent (Third Advent Sunday)

Sunday 18th December
4:a advent (Fourth Advent Sunday)

Thursday 21st December
Vintersolståndet (Winter Solstice)

Saturday 23rd December
Drottningens födelsedag (The Queen's Birthday)

Sunday 24th December
4:a advent (Fourth Adent Sunday)
Julafton (Christmas Eve)

Most firms and organisations are closed for the day. Most shops close early.

Monday 25th December
Juldagen (Christmas Day) More…

Tuesday 26th December
Annandag jul (Boxing Day)

Thursday 28th December
Värnlösa barns dag (Destitute Children's Day)

Thursday 31st December
Nyårsafton (New Year's Eve)
Most firms and organisation are closed for the day.

For a full calendar, including namnsdagar (name days) click here.

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