August 2018

Augusti 2018

A plate of Swedish crayfish

Recipe of the month

The highlight of August is undoubtably kräftskivor (crayfish parties)! Most Swedes use ready-cooked crayfish, but if you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to cook your own freshwater crayfish click here to see how to cook them.

Calendar notes

All Sundays and bank/public holidays in Sweden are known as röda dagar (literally red days) and are highlighted in pink below.

Swedish flag to show a designated flag day in Sweden Indicates an official flaggdag (flag day) in Sweden.

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August 2018

Week Date Namnsdagar Event
  31 Wed 1 Per  
  31 Thu 2  Karin, Kajsa  
  31  Fri 3  Tage  
  31  Sat 4  Arne, Arnold  
  31  Sun 5  Ulrik, Alrik The end of the summer holiday (vacation) for most Swedes¹
  32 Mon 6 Alfons, Inez  
  32 Tue 7  Dennis, Denise  
  32  Wed 8  Silvia, Sylvia Swedish flag to denote an official flag day in Sweden Drottningens namnsdag (The Queen's name-day)
Kräftpremiär (Crayfish party season begins²)
  32  Thu 9  Roland  
  32  Fri 10  Lars  
  32  Sat 11  Susanna  
  32  Sun 12  Klara The end of school holidays in most parts of Sweden³
  33  Mon 13 Kaj  
  33 Tue 14  Uno  
  33 Wed 15  Stella, Estelle  
  33  Thu 16  Brynolf  
  33  Fri 17  Verner, Valter Surströmmingspremiär (Fermented herring released)
  33  Sat 18  Ellen, Lena  
  33  Sun 19  Magnus, Måns  
  34 Mon 20 Bernhard, Bernt  
  34 Tue 21  Jon, Jonna  
  34  Wed 22  Henrietta, Henrika  
  34  Thu 23  Signe, Signhild Köttbullens dag (Meatball Day)
  34  Fri 24  Bartolomeus  
  34  Sat 25  Lovisa, Louise  
  34  Sun 26  Östen  
  35 Mon 27 Rolf, Raoul  
  35 Tue 28  Fatima, Leila  
  35  Wed 29  Hans, Hampus  
  35  Thu 30  Albert, Albertina  
  35  Fri 31  Arvid, Vidar  

¹ Many seaside facilities start to reduce their opening hours.
² Up until 1994 it was illegal to fish for crayfish before 8th August each year. This law has now been abolished, but many Swedes wait until after the traditional kräftpremiär before holding a crayfish party.
³ From week 33 onwards, most Swedish seaside resorts are exceptionally quite during the week.

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