Prawn and egg on rye crispbread

Räkor och ägg på knäckebröd

Prawns and egg on rye crispbread

This is a really simple appetiser for a party but no less delicious for being quick to prepare. Good things really don’t need to be complicated. John Duxbury


Recipe summary for prawn and egg on rye crispbread


A packet of rye crispbread by Peter's Yard•  Use good quality rye crispbread for canapés if possible. I use Artisan Swedish Rye Crispbread for Canapés from Peter’s Yard. If you can’t find crispbread for canapés then break a large piece of knäckebröd into small pieces.

•  I usually buy quail eggs which have already been hard boiled. These are available in many supermarkets and it saves the fiddly job of boiling and shelling them. If you can’t find hard boiled quail eggs then they are easy to cook. Firstly, make sure the eggs are taken out of the fridge a few hours in advance as they need to be at room temperature, otherwise they are likely to crack when they are cooked. Pop the eggs into gently boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. Cool rapidly by removing the eggs with a slotted spoon and plunging into ice-cold water. Peel under gently running water. (As the shells are much thinner than chickens’ eggs the shell almost rubs off.)

•  I like to serve the crispbreads on black slate serving platters where the contrast of colours makes them irresistible!

•  These are also nice with half a teaspoon of roe, preferably Kalix Löjrom, instead of half a quail egg.


4 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbsp dill, finely chopped
24 rye crispbreads for canapés
12 quail eggs, ready cooked and halved
  freshly ground pepper
24 prawns, medium size
2 tbsp caviar (optional)
24 small thin wedges of lemon to garnish (optional)
24 small sprigs of dill to garnish


1. Mix the mayonnaise and chopped dill in a small bowl.

2. Spread the crispbreads out on two serving dishes.

3. Place a small amount, about half a teaspoon, of the dill and mayonnaise mixture in the centre of each piece of crispbread. (The mayonnaise is there partly for flavour but also to hold the prawn and egg in place.)

4. Place half an egg on top and lightly season with freshly ground black pepper.

5. Add a prawn, some caviar if desired, and a small sprig of dill.

6. Store in the fridge until required. (They keep well in the fridge for a couple of hours without being covered.)


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