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 is dedicated to bringing tried and tasted Swedish recipes to English speakers around the world.

Having visited Sweden regularly for over 20 years and enjoyed the Swedish countryside, its people and, of course, its food, I came to the conclusion that its cuisine was vastly underrated and deserved wider recognition.

As a result, I opened SwedishFood.com in June 2013. I found it hard to find Swedish food recipes in English, so I decided to learn some Swedish, find out more about Swedish food and to share my findings with any other English speakers across the globe who might be interested in Swedish food.

Since opening the site, I have discovered that I am certainly not alone in enjoying Swedish food! Our readership has grown steadily and we now have regular users of the site all over the world.

Enjoy browsing our site and trying our recipes.

Happy cooking!
John Duxbury
Editor and Founder

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Other contributors

Thanks are due to the following who played a valuable role in helping to establish the site in 2013.

Anna Bonde-MosessonAnna Bonde-Mosesson

Anna is half Swedish and half Finnish. She is a very experienced chef and restauranteur, having run two highly acclaimed restaurants in the UK, although she has now returned to live in Sweden. Anna's first book, Swedish Food & Cooking, is considered by many to be one of the best guides to Swedish food for English speakers. Read more…

Maia Brindley NilssonMaia Brindley-Nilsson

Maia is an American, of Swedish ancestry, married to a Swede and now lives in Malmö in southern Sweden. Maia now works full-time but was a highly respected blogger, writing about her experiences since moving to Sweden and sharing many excellent recipes with her readers. Maia is a historian by training and this was reflected in her blog as every article was thoroughly researched, often right back to original sources.

Chris BrookesChris Brookes

Chris is a talented young Australian who has opened Bush Pepper, a "fresh, quirky and contemporary" Australian restaurant in Cornwall. He is enjoying living in Europe and seeing the influences of different countries on the growing internationalisation of food. He especially likes the simple contrasting flavours found in Swedish food. Chris creates colourful vibrant dishes with layers of flavour.

Christer FrånlundChrister-Franlund-150sq-095

Christer is our expert on food from the north of Sweden, especially Sami food. Christer's roots are in the north of Sweden although he now lives in Uppsala, about 70 km (45 miles) north of Stockholm. Christer will be well known to visitors to the Christmas Market at the Swedish Church in London as he brings a range of Sami products over to sell at the market.

Karin FurstKarin Fürst

We are thrilled that Karin has agreed to share some of her recipes with us for two reasons. Firstly, Karin bakes exceedingly good cakes. Secondly, and more importantly, Karin is such as inspirational lady. Even though she is 90 she still gets up early 2 or 3 times per week to bake wonderful cakes. Read more...

Susanne JonssonSusanne Jonsson

Susanne is one of Sweden's most popular TV cooks and regularly pulls in an audience over over a million for her evening slot on Go'Kväll. She has written several cookery books, run her own restaurants and catering company. Read more…

Edd KimberEdd Kimber

Edd is a very talented baker. Since winning the BBC television series The Great British Bake Off in 2010, Edd has gone on to make numerous television appearances and to write for various magazines including Good Food Magazine and Attitude. Edd has also produced a number of books including The Boy Who Bakes. Read more…

Colin MoonColin Moon

Colin is an Englishman who moved to Sweden in the 1980s and now lives in Stockholm. He is a professional speaker talking at engagements all over the world. Colin is also an author of several books, writing amusingly and affectionately about Swedes, as well as being a regular contributor to international business magazines.

Margareta Schildt LandgrenMargareta Schildt Landgren

Margareta is a Swede living in Skåne, southern Sweden. Margareta is a food journalist and has an impressive reputation having written over 20 cookery books. Her Notes from a Swedish Kitchen was written for the British market, but was such a runaway success that it has been translated into five languages, including Swedish! Read more…



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John Duxbury
Editor and Founder